Split w/ Frustrated

by Deep End

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released January 21, 2016

Music written by Deep End.
Recorded at Solid Pad.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Macario Gutierrez.



all rights reserved


Deep End Las Vegas, Nevada

Hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Track Name: Sink or Swim
Here I am and what can I say?
I'm no better than before
I'm still the same
(The fucking same)
& I know I'm insane
Angry, alone & a slave to this game
I'm just a fucking slave
Anxiety is a constant
Drowning in my own nonsense
Let me lay to rest
Without these demons in my head
I sank to the bottom in a sea of regret
I tried to swim away but I couldn't beat the current
Track Name: Thoughtcrime
My pain is self-inflicted
Living in a world conflicted
Dread the life that I've been given
Broken down by a broken system
We will all bear witness
To the end of our existence
No mercy, no forgiveness
This is my fucking deathwish
Inside my head I'm doing time
A prisoner to my mind
Everyday is a fucking curse
Living just to end under the dirt
Now I don't know what's worse
Being dead or left to rot on this Earth
Everyday it only gets worse
Track Name: Snakeskin
Father, forgive me
I'm on my knees
I'm not the man you called me to be
I have fallen for lust
Exercising my love for greed
They say the body is a temple
But mine feels like snakeskin
How am I supposed to go on with myself
When I hate the shell I'm in?
The question is:
Can you really resist the serpents lies?
Don't play his game
Because he'll take your life
I've lost my faith in us
Some say I've given up
I'm waiting for the end
Shedding my snakeskin